The results of a new survey suggest that millions of us spent - at least part of last night - tossing and turning in bed because of what's happening at work. And the problem seems to cut across the board - no matter what your job or age.

With a national unemployment rate down around 4% (even lower here in the Midwest), logic says we should all feel fairly secure in our jobs. Instead, people are finding themselves overworked and worried about the hours they're putting in.

So says Bill Driscoll of Accountemps, who recently surveyed 2,800 Americans and found that 44% lose sleep worrying about work 'very often' or 'somewhat often.' Whether it's too many hours or a nasty boss, it's affecting our overall health.

"While work is obviously important," Driscoll says, "I think it's more important that people look in the mirror and take care of themselves, because losing sleep worrying about work makes us less productive on the job."

According to the study, men and younger adults were impacted the most because of office worries. Driscoll is urging managers everyone, in every profession, to create a workplace environment where it's okay to leave the office problems at the office.

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