Creating tomorrow's leaders, today. That could be a motto for Leadership Sioux Falls. Just to be clear, it isn't. But it could be. Because that is really what the Evan C. Nolte Leadership Sioux Falls program is all about.

This program, in existence since 1986, has worked to educate and motivate leaders to become more involved in Sioux Falls, to be aware of the challenges and opportunities here, and to form a group of individuals who can guide our community into the future.

To that end, every year they offer a leadership program to Sioux Falls residents interested in shaping the future of our city. The individuals accepted into the program then go about creating community impact projects to further their goals and offer others the same opportunities.

The project this year is "Sioux Falls Rising Leaders". This half-day leadership conference event was created for high school sophomores and juniors, who will learn more about their city, hear from current city leaders and find out about career options for them right here.

The event is free and students are encouraged to apply soon. The event will be held on Saturday, April 27th.

For more information and an application, see Sioux Falls Rising Leaders online.


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