It took a few years but I finally uncovered the secret to our digital editor's cranky moods. The guy has no natural light coming in his office.

Yes, that's a real thing.

You don’t think that would affect one’s mood? Check this out. A recent study by Harvard students (they’re smarter than me so I’m going to roll with it) concluded in a new study that the two things that are most important to a workplace atmosphere is natural light and a view of the outdoors.

This poor guy has neither. No wonder the Editor-in-Grief has his moments.

As it turns out, the absence of natural light left respondents of the survey feeling tired because they don’t get natural sunlight. A whopping 43% said that not being able to see outside makes them gloomy and pissy.

I don’t wanna brag, but I think we just solved the mystery of Captain Crank Pants. Quick! Get this guy a window!


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