There has been no shortage of depressing economic news for a number of us over the past few years, but some home sellers are on the right side of things economically in a big way - including one Iowa and one Minnesota city.

USA Today, using data from, has put together a list of the Ten Housing Markets Where Home Sellers are Sitting Pretty. 

The Hawkeye State is home to the best market to be selling right now.

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The Eastern Iowa city of Davenport has seen a one-year jump of nearly 40 percent (38.4%) in the price per square foot of local homes.

As of last month, the median list price in Davenport was $208,700, which is about half of the national average and the second-lowest among the top ten best markets.

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Up in Minnesota, Minneapolis is the sixth hottest market for home sellers.

The median list home price in the North Star State's largest city is now $434,950, which is an increase of 17.1 percent per square foot from February of last year.

CITIES WHERE HOME SELLERS ARE SITTING PRETTY (Median price/Increase in price per square foot)   

  1. Davenport, Iowa ($208,700/+38.4%)
  2. Montgomery, Alabama ($301,165/+26.5%)
  3. Wichita, Kansas ($319,995/+19.8%)
  4. Tulsa, Oklahoma ($354,262/+18.5%)
  5. Youngstown, Ohio ($151,575/+18.1%)
  6. Minneapolis, Minnesota ($434,950/+17.1%)
  7. McAllen, Texas ($283,000/+16.4%)
  8. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ($322,400/+16.1%)
  9. Little Rock, Arkansas ($304,245/+15.9%)
  10. Knoxville, Tennessee ($457,116/+13.0%)

It is taking longer to sell a house these days.

On average, homes spent nearly ten weeks on the market this February, compared to just six-and-a-half weeks in February 2022.

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