You can put this story under the things that make you go hmmm file.

Anyone that's lived in one of the plains states for a period of time already knows how windy it can get on any given day. With that said, the wind on this particular day in Nebraska must have reached the ridiculous level.

State troopers in Nebraska came across this very strange accident site recently on U.S. Highway 385 near the Nebraska, South Dakota border. As KSFY TV reports, the wind was so strong that day it whipped a trailer up and onto the bed of the pickup that was towing it.

The combination of very high winds and a lightweight trailer created one of the strangest looking accident sites you'll ever see.

Now that's what I call a balancing act.

Imagine watching that one happen in the rear view mirror. I'm thinking the driver probably needed a change of Depends Undergarments after that.

Luckily, according to KSFY, no one was injured.

Source: KSFY TV

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