If it's been a while since you've been in the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls, perhaps it's worth a walk around. They've added some new and fun experiences for 2021. Here's a look:

  • Animal World: We've seen these before and they are fun! One would think these motorized carts are for kids but teens and adults love them, too. Animal World combines the universal appeal of giant stuffed animals with the latest mobile technology, providing fun, safe and convenient transportation.
  • Brandy’s Soap Boutique
  • Dragons Eyes Virtual Reality
  • Furniture For Life Gallery by The Better Living Store
  • G & M Beauty Plus Braiding Studio
  • Malligan’s Mini Golf: This is a great idea! Throw a few bucks in a machine and get a golf ball and a putter. We have yet to learn if it's the 9-hole or 18-hole option but it looks interesting. Just make sure not to smack a golf ball into grandma's Orange Julius. See the video and learn more here.
  • SelfieWRLD: People can't get enough selfies, can they? Here you can immerse yourself into our fun, eye-catching, interactive art installations. Experience many unique themes with friends, family, a date, or just yourself and your phone, and unleash your inner child! You can get tickets for SelfieWRLD here.
  • The Original Corn Pie: I have yet to try an Original Corn Pie but it looks good. Check them out on the Original Corn Pie Facebook page.
  • TikTok Toys
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Some new experiences and fun shopping await you at the Empire Mall.

The Empire Mall is the premier retail center and largest tourist destination in the state of South Dakota featuring 41 unique retailers and restaurants found nowhere else in the state.

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