Yawn. Time to get up, get ready and head to work. It's Wednesday, middle of the week, just another day at the office.

You walk in ready to grab that first cup of coffee and settle in. You check in at the front desk and 'Boo'! There sits Dracula...or Frankenstein...or the Wolf Man/Woman. Or maybe it's the latest movie superhero or super villain.

Oh, yeah, it's not just any Wednesday, it's October 31. It's Halloween.

Chances are, if you work in an office somewhere, somebody will be dressing up for work on Halloween. Why? Because it's fun, it's creative, it breaks up the boredom of another long week at work.

Besides, why let the little human have all the fun?

But, while it's cool to get a little wold and crazy scary, it's also a good idea to use a little Halloween common sense. That costume you take to work may not be the one you take to the costume party at your favorite watering hole, or to that party at your neighbors across the street.

According to the Insider website it might be a good idea to talk to your manager or supervisor about what's appropriate for the Monsters Holiday. They go on to say:

  • If your job encourages you to wear costumes to work on Halloween, you'll need to find a balance between having fun and staying professional.
  • Speak to your managers and establish clear guidelines as to what your office deems appropriate to wear on Halloween.
  • Aim to have fun with your costume, but also make sure that you don't have any big meetings or presentations scheduled that would make wearing a costume awkward.
  • Remain sensitive to others around you — don't wear anything that could be considered cultural appropriation, too gory-looking, or politically charged.
  • Don't force anyone on your team to dress up.

So basically it looks like just using some common sense is a good thing.

Or you could just do what I do...look like your dressed for Halloween every day of the year at work!

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