"Honey, I'm going to the liquor store. The guy on the radio just said having a strong beer every day is good for you!" That would be true if you trust a Dutch professor, and who wouldn't?

Eric Classen presented his research at a conference that indicates having a strong beer a day supports good gut health. According to Travel & Leisure, a beer that is twice-fermented is considered a strong beer and will basically kill most of the bad disease-causing bacteria in your gut and replaces it with a probiotic yeast that is very good for you.

But there is a caveat. Dang. There's always a caveat. Keeping it to only one beer per day is essential. More than that and it pretty much wipes out the healthy bacteria in your gut, which messes you up. So, don’t overdo it. Everything in moderation is key.

If there's a Beer-a-Day club, I'd like to be the chairman. I will join you in drinking a strong beer and creating a healthy digestive system and a stronger immune system. Furthermore, if we can only have one a day let's make it a very large glass.


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