Chocolates sold in Iowa and eight other states are part of a massive recall due to a risk of Salmonella poisoning.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration initiated a recall on more than four million pounds of chocolate and confectionary products from Clasen Quality Chocolate in Madison, Wisconsin.

Recently, the FDA placed the recall under its Class II category, its second most serious category, due to the potential to cause temporary and reversible illness.

The 10 recalled products include chocolate drops, white chocolate wafers, and milk chocolate crunch.

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Recalled Products
Milk Chocolate Crunch Bulk OTBD, Item # 56546

Product Quantity: 844,740 lbs
Code Information: 4046T216OTBD, 4051T208OTBD, 4051T212OTBD, 4059T209OTBD, 4059T217OTBD, 4059T231OTBD, 4070T229OTBD, 4071T216OTBD, 4071T218OTBD, 4080T212OTBD, 4081T219OTBD, 4089T229OTBD, 4093T208OTBD, 4093T209OTBD, 4094T229OTBD, 4107T208OTBD, 4107T224OTBD, 4107T227OTBD, 4117T204OTBD
4M Caramel Flavored Confectionery Drop, Item # 61661 (R&D Sample)

Product Quantity: 1 lb
Code Information: LAB-015188
Milk Chocolate Flavored Confectionery Coating Bulk (MB), Item # 60692

Product Quantity: 87,045 lbs
Code Information: 4103T225OTBD, 4104T229OTBD, LAB-015025
Milk Chocolate Wafer, Item # 51407 (R&D Sample)

Product Quantity: 30 lbs
Code Information: LAB-014915
1057556 Milk Chocolate Flavored IC Coating, Item # 56546. Bulk tanker

Product Quantity: 2,667,280 lbs
Code Information: 4042T207OTBD, 4042T223OTBD, 4042T226OTBD, 4043T210OTBD, 4043T217OTBD, 4045T205OTBD, 4046T224OTBD, 4050T205OTBD, 4050T206OTBD, 4050T210OTBD, 4052T207OTBD, 4053T221OTBD, 4054T223OTBD, 4055T225OTBD, 4055T227OTBD, 4055T230OTBD, 4057T208OTBD, 4057T222OTBD, 4060T220OTBD, 4060T221OTBD, 4065T217OTBD, 4060T226OTBD, 4063T206OTBD, 4064T218OTBD, 4064T220OTBD, 4064T231OTBD, 4065T224OTBD, 4067T213OTBD, 4068T219OTBD, 4068T225OTBD, 4070T208OTBD, 4070T226OTBD, 4070T230OTBD, 4085T209OTBD, 4085T217OTBD, 4088T211OTBD, 4089T212OTBD, 4089T225OTBD, 4090T223OTBD, 4092T213OTBD, 4093T203OTBD, 4094T201OTBD, 4094T219OTBD, 4098T204OTBD, 4098T217OTBD, 4101T208OTBD, 4102T213OTBD, 4104T219OTBD, 4105T214OTBD, 4106T209OTBD, 4106T226OTBD, 4107T206OTBD, 4108T216OTBD, 4108T217OTBD, 4108T231OTBD, 4111T220OTBD, 4111T226OTBD, 4112T227OTBD, 4112T230OTBD, 4113T223OTBD, 4114T225OTBD
White Chocolate Wafer, Item # 59152. Net Wt. 50 lbs (22.68kg)

Product Quantity: 74,050 lbs
Code Information: 4094WH73CL11, 4094 WH74CL11
NGMO White Confectionery Wafer, Item # 60975. Net Wt. 25 lbs (11.34kg)

Product Quantity: 38,675 lbs
Code Information: 4075WH78CL12
1085343 10M Milk Chocolate Flavored Confectionery Drop (MB), Item #: 56074. Net Wt. 25lbs (11.34kg)

Product Quantity: 18,800 lbs
Code Information: 4074CH60CL15

Snow White Chocolate, Item #: 60949. Bulk tanker

Product Quantity: 178,460 lbs
Code Information: 4057WH31OTBD, 4093WH34OTBD, 4101WH32OTBD, 4114WH31OTBD
Milk Chocolate Flavored Confectionery Coating (MB), Item #: 58710. Bulk tanker

Product Quantity: 474,120 lbs
Code Information: 4055CH90OTBD, 4056CH91OTBD, 4056CH93OTBD, 4044T202OTBD, 4045T227OTBD, 4050T215OTBD, 4051T227OTBD, 4051T225OTBD, 4052T226OTBD, 4053T224OTBD, 4056T228OTBD

So far there have been no reports of illness related to the recall.

The FDA says you should discard any of these items you have and contact the place of purchase for a refund.

The products were sold in California, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah and Washington.

According to the FDA's database, this is Clasen Quality Chocolate's second recall in the past year. In 2023, it recalled milk and semisweet chocolate because of undeclared peanut residue.

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