Deep in the heart of the land of my ancestors, the people are vibrating with a preternatural excitement this week. The annual start of a sacred festival that bonds all who were born between its boarders. Even if one leaves and settles in a far away place, that connection traverses all distance to each person.

Yes, I'm talking about the start of the Nebraska Husker football season. As someone with family way down south (in relation to South Dakota) my social media feeds have been clogged with excitement for the first game. Saturday, September 2, the former Bugeaters take on the Arkansas State Red Wolves in their first ball match, thing.

Missouri v Nebraska
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They will be defending their home-base in Lincoln against the onslaught of the crimson canines. As someone who has spent 39 plus years following Husker football; in person on TV and the radio; I think I have a unique insight into the new season.

First, that guy who is in charge needs to pick the people who are the best at all that kicking and ball throwing to play in the game. Look, we all want to be the nice guy, but this is the time that the people that run the fastest and touch the most downs need to be at the front of the line.

Once the best people are chosen, they need to try their hardest at every sport rehearsal that they have. I'm sure the guy with the headphones and clipboard doesn't need me to tell them that, but it's a good reminder. Always try your best.

When it's time for the troupe of footballing people to play the game, I think that they should try to win. That means getting the most points before the end of the game. To dovetail on that, the players need to do everything they can to stop the other group from winning any points.

Every time the Huskers have the football, they need to try to get a touchdown. Whether they throw and catch the ball, or run with it, someone on the team needs to try to get the ball into the zone at the end of the field.

If the Huskers can do these things: score more points than the other team before the end of the game and stop the other team from scoring any points; I think they have a chance of putting a mark in the 'L' column, then realizing their mistake, erasing the mark in the 'L' column and putting one in the 'W' column.

But; that's just my opinion, I could be way off. Go Huge Red!

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