What I thought I was watching on a Sioux Falls side street was a disagreement between two travelers. I assumed one of them had been on their phone and pulled one of the many usual dumb distracted driving offenses.

Avoiding the snail pace of Minnesota Ave construction I turned down a side street, and saw a hawk, wings spread out, squared off with a mini van. I had no idea I was witnessing the kind of thing that makes you believe in humanity again.

Or maybe it makes you believe in hawks again.

Despite the dangers of oncoming traffic I watched this hawk try to save a squirrel who had apparently collapsed from the afternoon heat. I noticed just a block or two away there was a lemonade stand the squirrel was more than likely headed in this direction.

As I got closer to the lemonade stand I noticed by the purple and red mustaches on the kids' faces their sign was obviously false advertising. It's hard to find a legit lemonade stand these days.

Anyways back to the brave bird.

I witnessed what appeared to be beak to mouth resuscitation in action. Chest compression's combined with breathing led me to believe this hawk was card carrying CPR certified. The hawk not letting the squirrel scurry towards the bright light on the other side even in spite of on coming traffic.

What I thought was a disagreement between bird and driver was actually a conversation agreeing to team up on saving the squirrel! The people in the van said they would continue the CPR, and I heard the bird yell over his shoulder: I'll go for help.

I could have put down my phone and helped, but figured no one would believe me unless I recorded it.

I'm not sure the name of the hawk, or if the furry fighter made it, but I believe in my heart they are somewhere at a lemonade stand toasting to second chances.

This is obviously satire and the hawk was super lazy thinking: hey fast food I'm all about a free meal.

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