There were a few absolutes for me growing up on that little farm.

There was a test at the little two-room school tomorrow and I wasn't ready.

The pigs had to be slopped (If you don't know what slopping pigs is, ask your dad...or maybe granddad...if they grew up on a little farm).

And Captain 11 was gonna be on TV.

'Ol Jake would drive that yellow/orange school bus down those gravel roads, kickin' up dust and dropping off us little critters. Vernon there, LeRoy there, Wayne, Craig and Lon there, there and there.

And me here.

A quick scan of the Worthington Daily Globe to see how the Twins did, then a bowl of Wheaties and...

Captain 11.

You couldn't miss the Captain. After all, its only once every century one man is given the power to control time and...well, if you grew up in any of a number of Baby Boomer decades in the Upper Midwest, you probably know the rest.

If not, go ahead and listen to it in the video below!

Now then, was Captain 11...real?

Of course he wasn't.

And of course he was.

Captain 11 was real in the minds, and more importantly the hearts, of virtually every kid in my world. And I'm thinking he's still real to all of us Baby Boomer adults, in those warm echoes of our most favorite memories.

What a great legacy for that guy.

Thanks Dave.

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