It was video games before there were video games.

Well, not really.

But when you talk to Baby Boomers (and many Millenials) and mention Pinball Machines, there's a pretty good chance their eyes will light up. Those of us that have attained a certain age remember them well. You could play them all day and night (see, kind of like video games), or at least while you still had quarters. Remember that, three games for a quarter?

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But of course, the one thing to be careful of, don't be smackin' the side in frustration too hard or it was...


Well, there goes that game.

Back in the day, my parents owned the little Leota, Minnesota Cafe. There was a pinball machine in the cafe, just like there were in just about every cafe and bar in the world (my world was a bit limited at the time). And we'd all go in and play that pinball machine over and over, or again, at least until the quarters ran dry. We did it, not only for the fun, but there was a prize to be had.

You see, if you had the highest score for the week on that pinball machine, you won yourself a hamburger and a malt. Yes, my friend, the pressure was on!

There are still a few pinball machines around I'm sure. A throwback to the old days, I suppose, kind of showing the young 'un's how we did it in ancient times. But largely the pinball machine has made its way to where the Wurlitzer Jukebox lives. Both replaced, or being replaced, by technology.

So the question is, where in Sioux Falls can you find a good, old-fashioned pinball machine? And are there any that still take a quarter?

Well if you happen to be somewhere and see one of these beauties, go ahead and drop in a...well, quarter or whatever it takes. It'll zoom you back to that cafe you used to go into and try for that burger and malt. But remember, be gentle or...



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