It's right back there, in your rearview mirror. It doesn't seem that long ago, but it was. Time flies.

The 1980's.

Where were you in the 80's? Just a kid or already making your way through life on your own? Chances are you were either buying candy or buying a car or house. Remember the cost of those things?

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Let's take a trip back to the 1980's. Oh, we could just write a letter I suppose...after all, a postage stamp in 1985 was just 22 cents. But what the heck, let's dive into the decade and see what kind of cash we dropped for this...and that.

If you're hungry but short on time we can just swing through McDonald's. A Big Mac Meal will touch you for about $2.59, but it'll fill ya up.And if you want to pull into the theater parking lot and see the latest and greatest flick, you'll drop about $3.55 for a movie ticket (those billion dollar grossing movies are way up there somewhere in the future).

OK, enough fun and goofing around, we need to get gas. Remember when a twenty would fill 'er up? Well, in the 80's you'd spend about $1.12 for a gallon, maybe a little more or less depending on what year it is. And if you wanted to keep up with what's going on, a newspaper would run ya about 40 cents (Oh c'mon, you remember newspapers!).

Wow, that beautiful new home over there is a sweet deal at just under a hundred grand. And if you adjust things for inflation, milk and eggs were cheaper back in the day than they are now. So pick some up on your way back home to 2021

The 1980's. Seems like day before yesterday. But it's been a wee bit longer ago than that.

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