We first saw signs of a return to something resembling 'normal' in this COVID-19 world over the Memorial Day weekend when more than 37 million Americans took to the road for a trip of more than 50 miles, marking a 60 percent increase from the same time last year.

Now with the Fourth of July rapidly approaching, we're once again looking to pack our bags and get away.

A new survey from by OnePoll on behalf of Hilton, shows that nearly two-thirds of us (64 percent) are in desperate need of a vacation, with 26 percent having gone vacation-less for more than a year.

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Making that travel possible for a lot of Americans are improving health conditions and vaccination rates, as well as one intended positive from the pandemic - the ability to save more money over the last year. That's allowing travelers to spend an average of $2,100 on a trip this Summer.

So what's on our travel bucket list?


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