Do you sleep with your bedroom door closed? Privacy would be the obvious reason but there's another far more important one: Fire.

A recent survey from the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) found nearly 60 percent of Americans sleep with their bedroom door open, and that could mean life or death in the case of a house fire.

Because of synthetic materials, furniture, and construction, fire spreads much quicker now than in the past. It's estimated you only have about 3 minutes to escape your home if it's ablaze. A closed bedroom door can add precious time.

A closed door can slow the spread of flames, reduce toxic smoke, improve oxygen levels, and decrease temperatures. So now FSRI has launched a "Close Before You Doze" campaign, which aims to spread awareness that closed doors can help save people's lives.

Over 10 years of research by FSRI has gone into this study and concluded that a closed door can:

  1. Stop a fire from growing and spreading
  2. Help keep smoke and heat out
  3. Help keep your home (and all your stuff) safe
  4. Keep the temperature down
  5. Save your life

Check out this great reminder/cutout for the kids' rooms in the house.

In addition to closing the doors, make sure your smoke and fire detectors are working properly and having a family plan of escape and exit strategies in place.

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