One minute you're enjoying your favorite movie over and over again on the VCR player at your parents' house when you were growing up and the next minute 30 years have gone by and now that beloved flick is considered a relic from days gone by.

So which movies do you still have a hankering to watch all of these years later?

Mental Floss has published the results of a new survey done by internet service provider FrontierBundles, which determined the most heavily searched-for 90s movies in each state.

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In South Dakota, we're suckers for that 'tale as old as time', 1991's Beauty and the Beast. The story of Belle, Gaston, and a host of singing and dancing flatware and furniture also was the most sought-after 90s film in Utah.

Overall, it was another Disney classic animated film from the 90s, 1994's The Lion King that was the most searched for movie, topping the list in 18 states (Washington, New Mexico, Texas, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Delaware, and Massachusetts.

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) and Ghost (1990) were the next most searched for flicks in five states each.

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