In South Dakota, we usually pride ourselves on breaking from the pack and doing our own thing but when it comes to movie candy, we're in love with a classic.

The folks at Lights, Camera, Podcast have combined the data from social media posts as well as sales figures from Wal-Mart and Target to come up with the most popular sweet treat at movie concession stands in each state, and in South Dakota, we're on board with the most popular choice.

The Mount Rushmore State is one of four states, along with New Hampshire, West Virginia, and Wyoming that reach for M&M's ahead of any other movie theater candy.

A pair of very polarizing treats are quite popular choices as well with candy corn (Vermont, Iowa, and Mississippi) and black licorice (Idaho, Texas, and South Carolina) grabbing the top spot in three states each.

Two of the most bizarre treats of preference are baked beans in North Dakota and Kraft cheese slices in Wisconsin.

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