In a decade that gave us offbeat items like avocado toast, quinoa, acai bowls, and kombucha, South Dakota's top food trend of the 2010s was far less ambitious.

Using Google Trends data, the cooking and barbecue website Seriously Smoked found that the Mount Rushmore State and 14 others showed a preference for pumpkin spice above any other trendy edible over the last ten years.

South Dakota joins North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Alabama as the states that enjoy pumpkin spice well beyond just the fall months.

The equally exciting 'milk alternatives' was named first in 13 states.

Next was 'plant-based meats' (nine states), followed by avocado toast (three states), quinoa, and burrito bowls (two states each).

Kale, acai bowls and kombucha all won one state each.

Our other neighboring states, Minnesota and Montana, both opted for hard seltzer as their top choice of the 2010s.

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