So, here we are, the day after the election. And I was so hoping to wake up to a "kinder and gentler" social media (Facebook in particular) - call me naive I guess.

As soon as I logged into my Facebook account, I couldn't believe the harsh words being thrown around from both sides of the isle.

Whether your candidate won or loss, it's time we all grow up and stop hiding behind a computer screen or smart phone.

I compare it to throwing a grenade into a room and then walking away. Who survives and who perishes - don't really care, doesn't affect me. If it's not my way, it's the wrong way.

While standing in line to vote on Tuesday, I couldn't believe how many people had their noses buried in their smart phones. Almost no one was speaking to each other.

It was almost like everyone was actually trying to avoid having to interact with anyone else. People: the smart phone was created to be a tool, not your life.

A friend of mine on Facebook said it best, "It's like we've lost ourselves."

"Evil feeds on negativity; it thrives on divisiveness. It succeeds when people push the blame off on others because evil wants us to be selfish. We need to get back to the philosophy of making the world a better place for our kids and grand-kids. Right now, we are not better."

I challenge everyone reading this to at least try to be a better person. Try to post something positive on social media - steer away from the negative.

Remember, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall."

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