Winter is coming and if the long-range forecasts are correct - and they usually are - this could be a very cold, wet, and snowy winter. Living this far north my whole life I've learned a bit about what doesn't jive with a frozen car in sub-zero temps. Here are the 7 commandments of what not to leave in your car on cold days: (There were probably 10 commandments at one time but, well it was cold on the mountain and Moses didn't have a parka)

1. Beer. You'll notice I didn't waste much time getting the important stuff like the golden nectar of the gods we know as beer - and beer that is 5% alcohol or less can freeze at 27 degrees F. And they can and will explode. Try explaining that mess to an officer who pulls you over for a taillight.

2. Medication. Some pills and liquid medicines and prescriptions can lose effectiveness in low temperatures. A good rule of thumb for liquids: If it says "shake well before using" it should not freeze.

3. Cell Phones. It seems a no-brainer that anyone would leave their phone in a cold car because we can't seem to be without it for more than 5 minutes but it happens. Lithium-Ion batteries are in most cell phones and they simply don't like cold temperatures. That goes for Samsung, Apple, Motorola, etc. Your battery can give out before it's time when subject to freezing temperatures for a long period of time.

4. Guitars. I was foolish enough to leave one of my favorite guitars in the car during the polar vortex of 2018. It never played the same again. Tuning issues and the overall wooden body were affected. Still feeling that one.

5. Eyeglasses. Did you know that prescription eyeglass lenses can form tiny cracks if frozen? I didn't either. I thank WFMJ for that one.

6. Eggs. They will crack when subject to freezing temperatures. We can put a man on the moon but can't knit a sweater for a hen?

7. Soda. Along the same lines as beer, freezing causes liquids to expand and sooner-or-later...ka boom. If you've ever driven to work with a Dr. Pepper slushy on your console, you know this is true.