It's been the dream of many an American for centuries - to have a place of your own.

But that dream of home ownership has proven to be an elusive one as the average price of a home continues to skyrocket across the country.

Even in the Tri-State (South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota) area, where home prices have tended to be a bit more on the moderate side for years, there are more and more places where you'd need a sizeable amount of cash to establish roots.

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Stacker, using data from the real estate site Zillow, recently identified which local cities were home to the most expensive average home prices.

In South Dakota, owning a picturesque spot in the Black Hills will cost you the most.

The unincorporated community of Colonial Pine Hills (population 1,903), has the state's highest average home price - at just over $500,000 ($534,110). That is a 54 percent increase from just five years ago.

The rest of South Dakota's top five includes two cities where the average price of a home has doubled since 2018:

  • Keystone ($505,436/+98.1%)
  • Wentworth ($423,648/+100.4%)
  • Chancellor ($417,208)
  • Hill City ($414,252)

In Iowa, life on the lake is where it's at.

West Okoboji (population 308) has the highest typical home value at $648,700, which is up 50.8 percent in the last five years.

The rest of Iowa's top five most expensive housing markets:

  • Orleans ($539,858)
  • Wahpeton ($483,873)
  • Cumming ($475,315)
  • Shueyville ($421,914)

Minnesota is home to the most exclusive housing markets in the area.

Homes in Minnetonka Beach (population 539), in the heart of Lake Minnetonka, sell for an average of $1,743,650.

Three other housing markets in Minnesota top the $1 million mark for average home prices:

  • Woodland ($1,408,609)
  • Greenwood ($1,349,224)
  • Sunfish Lake ($1,055,830)
  • Orono ($942,187)

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