When it comes to drinking beer, the two C's approach is always best.

Cold and cheap.

Now, any place with a fully functioning fridge can handle the cold part, but as for cheap, it depends on where you shop.

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To find out where you can pick up a case of beer on the cheap, 24/7 Tempo looked at data from the Brewers Association to determine the states with the cheapest prices for a case of beer.

And man what a difference there is across America.

The least expensive cases can be found in the Land of Lincoln, where Illinois residents pay, on average just $16.43 per case. At the other end of the spectrum, bring a bunch of extra money when you're buying your beer in Alaska, where the average case goes for a whopping $33.62.

In the Tri-State Area (South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota), prices are below the national average, but there is a bit of a variance in the cost from state to state.

In Iowa, the average cost of a case of beer is $18.58. That's the 14th lowest in America.

That's five spots better than Minnesota, where the average cost of a case of beer is $19.41.

Beer prices in South Dakota fall outside the 20 lowest, but the Mount Rushmore State ducks in just under the national average at $19.54 per case, which is the 23rd lowest in the country.

Overall, beer remains the most popular alcoholic beverage in America, accounting for 54% of all retail alcohol purchases in 2022, adding up to sales of about $115 billion.


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