The latest mask to strike fear in the hearts of men is the new 'Karen' complete with that let-me-speak-to-your-manager look that has become a social media and meme sensation in 2020. For extra appeal, make sure to point a bony finger at someone you don't like.

Artist Jason Adcock created the scariest Karen mask you could imagine, complete with the bob hairstyle and angry “let me speak to your manager" face. The latex mask is handmade, so it’s likely to cost a bit more than your usual costume, but it might be worth it just to scare the pants off of friends and family.

Pro tip: If you're going as a Karen this year to couples Halloween party, make sure your partner dresses as a fast-food manager and steal the show and win a sweet party tab or something.

If you want to check in with the artist Jason Adcock, check out his Instagram here. Who knows? Maybe he can get one to you before Halloween.

Before we wonder if there's a Kevin (the male version of a Karen) I think it's already been here.

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