There's a certain amount of risk when you allow people to name stuff. Case in point: NASCAR racing fans were asked in an online poll what they think the name of the race Kansas Motor Speedway should be called. Keep in mind that Busch Light is a primary sponsor of the race so the name would have to point in that direction.

Fans went to work and came up with some clever names such as "Nectar of the Cobs" (a salute to ethanol production), "For the Farmers", and "Busch Latte 400". But none of those won the popular vote. Instead, fans are going to see the Buschy McBusch Race 400!

Oh Yes!

Did we learn nothing from a few years ago when a British ship needed a name and the online popular fan vote went to "Boaty McBoatface?" Yes, there's a Boaty McBoatface on the waters today. Google it.

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There are usually quite a few race fans from Sioux Falls that take the 300+ mile trip to Kansas Speedway. If you can get a t-shirt with Buschy McBuschface on it, snap it up. That's gold. See the Cup cars run on Sunday, May 2nd.

If you're not into driving that far for a race, keep in mind that dirt racing resumes at Huset's Speedway in Brandon on Mother's Day weekend.

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