Thou shalt not hand out toothbrushes and dental floss to trick-or-treaters. Pretty lame even if you're a dentist.

Thou shalt not put clothing on the Statue of David downtown Sioux Falls. This masterpiece didn't like the diaper years ago - and he's still butt hurt over it.

Thou shalt not play 'Ghostbusters' on your porch at high volume through the night.

Thou shalt not take a handful from the 'please take one' bucket.

Thou shalt not throw pumpkins or destroy some else's jack 'o lantern. Not cool. Grow up.

Thou shalt not overindulge on nougat.

Thou shalt not be overly scary for trick-or-treating children. Yes, the Exorcist and Devil costume is overboard.

Thou shalt not wear an offensive costume unless you know the people at the party. People get feeling hurt quite easily these days.

Thou shalt not "spike the punch" without telling guests.

Thou shalt not sacrifice a goat. I just felt it needed to be said.

Remember, Halloween is a time for laughter, creativity, and a good scare with friends at the firepit. Let's have fun!


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