This blog has been brewing for awhile now and it was brought to a head by a call I got on the air this week from a listener who identified himself as a 53-year old who was very upset that we were doing a Facebook-only contest.

He said "nobody I know even has that Facebook. Are you trying to go after different listeners?" I explained that social media has exploded globally, and that it gives us, as radio personalities and as a radio station, another way to reach people. He didn't really care for that answer and was upset that he was excluded from that particular contest. I also explained that the exact same prize was going to be given away on the air and another like prize would be awarded through our website so that there would be ample opportunity for him to win, even without having a Facebook account. He still didn't seem happy and felt that we were trying to find different listeners...and really, that's part of the point. To get my product (my radio station) in front of people who may not have heard of us before.

In everything, I've always felt that you have to evolve or die. It goes with anything in life whether business, events, or just your life in general. Don't get caught in a rut. Learn to adapt. Grow as new things, new technology, new relationships, are offered.

An extension of the technology and the older generations came about when a co-worker and I were talking about having to sneak a wireless router into our parents homes. We travel with laptops, kindles, any number of wireless technology that you need a wi-fi signal to operate. Both of our parents have said they have no need or desire to have that in their homes. I explained to my mom that she could sit in her recliner with a laptop computer and play her games instead of having to sit at the computer desk or when she isn't feeling well, she could stay in bed and watch movies, TV episodes, read her e-mail, play her games, etc. from the comfort of her own bed (not to mention I could get a little work done after they go to bed without having to ask mom if I can use her computer) My friend found out his last trip home that one of his brothers apparently got fed up and installed the router without his dad's knowledge. I may be making the same play this weekend at Christmas as a surprise!