It’s almost as big a part of the holidays as opening presents on Christmas morning.

It’s the food!

And when it comes to food, there’s nothing better than something homemade. Don’t get me wrong, restaurants are great, but getting something right out of the oven at home is a little slice of heaven.

With that in mind, the home improvement website did a little digging into which are the most popular home-cooked meals in each state.

In South Dakota, even though our state dessert is kuchen, we love our pies!

According to this survey of Instagram users, whether it’s apple, pumpkin, or even sour cream raisin, pies rule supreme here. In fact, South Dakota is the only state which preferred pie over everything else.

Home Cooked Foods

And while it makes sense that New Mexico would love tacos, and Louisiana crawfish, the survey also revealed some odd pairings.

Like landlocked states Tennessee, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Nevada going for seafood items like crab legs, lobster, crab, and scallops respectively.

The most unusual cravings out there were rice cakes (Washington), miso soup (Montana), smoothies (Michigan), and chicken spaghetti (Arkansas).

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