A lot of us are familiar with the saying 'sun's out, guns out', which is a reference to showing off our toned arms when the weather is nice and toasty outside.

Well according to a new report, in South Dakota we might want to modify that 'sun's out, buns out'.

Fox News has released the results of a pair of guides from swimwear manufacturer Pour Moi, which say that residents on the Mount Rushmore State are among those looking to bare it all at the beach or poolside.

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Pour Moi looked at Google data and found that South Dakota was among the top five states searching for things like 'nudist beaches', 'nudist resorts', and 'nude sunbathing'.

Four other cold-weather states were also dreaming of a skinny dipping session or two: Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, and North Dakota.

According to the company's sunbathing guide, South Dakota has been designated as a 'green' state, meaning 'there are public indecency laws are in place, but topless freedom is allowed when practiced without the intention of offending others'.

34 other states fall in the green category. 11 other states have 'unofficial' nudist beaches, or allow topless sunbathing in specific areas.

Only four states have strict restrictions on public nudity of any kind: Utah, Indiana, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

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