Another solid showing for South Dakota in a national ranking of things that matters most.

Health Care has always been vital, but during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we're placing an even higher premium on getting the type of care that we need.

WalletHub has the Mount Rushmore State tenth overall on its list of the top places for health care in the United States.

South Dakota's best ranking in the three criteria process was a spot in the top 25 percent of places in the 'Outcomes' category (13th overall), which factors in things like:

    • Life Expectancy Rates
    • Infant/Child/Maternal Mortality Rates
    • Share of Patients Readmitted to Hospitals
    • Share of Hospitalized Patients Discharged Without Instructions for Home Recovery
    • Share of Hospital Patients Who Did Not Receive Patient-Centered Care
    • Cancer/Stroke and Heart Disease/Type 2 Diabetes Rates
    • Share of At-Risk Adults with No Routine Doctor Visit in Past Two Years
    • Share of Adults with No Dental Visit in Past Year
    • Share of Children with Medical & Dental Preventive-Care Visits in Past Year
    • Share of Non-Immunized Children

The state placed in the top third (16th overall) in the 'Access' category which considers:

  • Quality of Public Hospital System
  • Hospital Beds per Capita
  • Average Response Time from Emergency Medical
  • Average Emergency-Room Wait Time
  • Time Before Admission
  • Physicians/Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants/EMTs and Paramedics/Dentists per Capita
  • Urgent-Care Centers per Capita

The final category was cost, where South Dakota ranked 23rd in the nation.


      1. Massachusetts
      2. Minnesota
      3. Rhode Island
      4. District of Columbia
      5. North Dakota
      6. Vermont
      7. Colorado
      8. Iowa
      9. Hawaii
      10. South Dakota


      1. Georgia
      2. Louisiana
      3. Alabama
      4. North Carolina
      5. Mississippi
      6. Arkansas
      7. Tennessee
      8. South Carolina
      9. Texas
      10. Alaska

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