When it comes to family road trip vacations South Dakota does not rank in the top 10 for best summer road trip states. But hey, we’re not in the bottom 10 either. So we have that going for us. So let’s hit the gas and start a summer road trip. And in the words of Clark Griswold, “It’s time to burn some dust and eat my rubber!"

The number crunchers at Wallet Hub took into account gas prices, attractions, safety, and activities offered, to come up with the most family-friendly road trip destinations.

Looking at the survey it would appear that we scored pretty low in the number of scenic byways.

However, the Rushmore state wasn’t that far out of the top 10. We ranked number 15 which is pretty good. And we beat Nebraska by 2 spots. Just wanted to throw that in.

But our neighboring state with 10,000 lakes, Minnesota, ranked number three overall.

Check out the different categories and where all 50 states ranked.

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