Sure it's nice to cruise at 80 mph on a South Dakota interstate and get where you're going a little quicker, but sometimes it's nice to - as Supertramp would say - take the long way home.

Or a really great weekend road trip.

South Dakota's Highway 81 from Yankton to Watertown has been named the 99th best weekend road trip according to a poll of 3,000 travelers. The data was put together from Gunther Motor Company.

It really is a beautiful drive with small communities such as Freeman, Salem, Stanley Corner, Winfred, and skirt the beautiful lakes near Alsville.

Along the route you can experience several food experiences, gardens, lakes, and seemingly endless prairies. Make it a point to stop and read every historical maker along the way. It's amazing what one can learn when taking the "road less travelled."

America is a treasure trove of interesting and diverse weekend road trips. From the towering mountains and vast plains, to vibrant cities and charming small towns, each journey paints a unique portrait of our nation's rich tapestry. Every route has its own story to tell, fostering an exploration that unveils the heart and soul of America” says Joseph Gunther IV of Gunther Motor Company.

Don't forget to bring a fishing pole and hiking boots. There are plenty of serene places to unwind along the route.

By the way I-90 from New York to Niagara Falls was ranked the number 1 weekend road trip. Yes, the same I-90 that runs across South Dakota.

See all 100 best weekend road trips here - no matter what state you live in.

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