If I sound like a broken record, please forgive me.

Several times in the past year or so I've told anyone who will listen that in my more than 28 years of living in Sioux Falls, the current version of downtown is by far the best its ever been.

Storefronts are full and thriving.

New living and lodging places are constantly being added.

The long overdue development along the Big Sioux River is extraordinary.

And one of the biggest improvements - an incredible variety of delicious food!

In its' current issue, Midwest Living magazine has taken notice of that last point and included Sioux Falls on a list of the 'Greatest Midwest Food Towns'.

Here's their 'big picture' look at South Dakota's largest city:

On a westward quest to see Mount Rushmore, Sioux Falls is your last real city. So savor it. Head for Phillips Avenue downtown. Classic burgers-and-shakes shops coexist with more forward-looking places.

So which places do they recommend, and what do they say you should order when you get there?

Did they forget your favorite place?

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