Trick-or-treating on Halloween is something kids look forward to every year. So do some of the homeowners who go all out with candy and decorations to make the night memorable for kids.

Sometimes people who are not able to be home when the trick-or-treaters are coming will leave a bowl of candy out with a note that says how many a kid can take. I don't think anyone is surprised when that generosity is abused, but sometimes a kid can go too far.

The first video I found of this was a couple of kids who didn't even appear to be dressed up for the occasion, but that's fine. They walk up with their pillowcase-sized bags and start cherry-picking all of their favorites. After twenty seconds of candy grabbing, they turn to leave.

The woman I got the video from, Randi Gochal, said she was at home at the time making dinner and had nothing but peanut-free candy left after this duo got done with it.

Submitted Video

The second video is a bit more diabolical. A kid in costume walks up with his larger-than-average bag, sets it down, picks up the storage tote full of candy, and completely empties into his bucket. He then grabs his bounty he runs away giggling. The person who sent me this video, who wished to remain anonymous, just said "this is why we can't have nice things."

Submitted Video

Now is it reasonable to think you are going to put out a big bucket of candy and not have it all get taken or completely picked over by kids who are running around unsupervised? Of course not. If you want your candy secure, be home to hand it out. But I think of it as more of a social experiment. To me, it would be completely worth the cost to see how many kids follow the rules, and how many just take it all.

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