We will all remember 2019 for the plethora of weather events we've endured. Everything from record snowfall and 'bomb cyclones' to flooding and damaging high winds.

In fact, when it comes to setting weather records, Sioux Falls is well ahead of the game.

According to The Weather Channel, as of this week (July 21), South Dakota's largest city had already recorded 26.73 inches of precipitation which is already more moisture than we see in a typical year (26.38 inches).

But we're not alone.

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says the Lower 48 states had their wettest first six months of a year dating to 1895.

In our area, Rapid City (21.45 inches) is more than an-inch-and-a-half over their annual average. Rochester, Minnesota (35.37 inches) is more than two inches ahead.

South Dakota is one of 22 states that falls into the National Weather Service's 'much above average' category when it comes to precipitation.

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