I want to talk peanut butter. Let's save the Jif, Skippy and Peter Pan argument for another day.

I don't even want to get into the debate over smooth or crunchy. I am limiting this discussion to simply the ways to eat peanut butter.

And before I get into it, I want to sympathize with those who are allergic to peanut butter. You know to stay away from this stuff.

If you are allowed to consume the tasty treat, then let's point out a health finding. Research has showed you can reduce your risk of cold and flu by 30 percent by eating peanut butter for breakfast. It's loaded with vitamin E.

With all this said, we went to work asking people of Sioux Falls how they eat peanut butter. Expecting the typical answer of PBJ, we were shocked to find out differently.

Strange Ways Sioux Falls Consumes Peanut Butter Sandwiches:

  • With pickles
  • With chowmein noodles (yes, we doubled checked this man's answer)
  • With Miracle Whip
  • On a hamburger with an egg
  • As a partner to Spaghetti Os
  • On celery

And the best of all was grilled PBJ. You take a regular peanut butter and jelly sandwich and prepare it just like you would a grilled cheese sandwich. Butter the outside and brown it in a pan.

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