Technology, for the most part, improves the quality of our lives by simplifying things that were once difficult for us.

But sometimes these advanced gadgets can actually give us more than we bargained for.

A lot more.

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It happened at my house recently.

We have invested in one of those doorbell cameras, which is quite useful in giving you a glimpse at what's going on outside your house while you're safely tucked away inside.

So when a motion alert from the camera was activated just before 7:00 PM on a recent  Friday night, we reached for electronic devices to see who was at our front door.

It turned out it wasn't a who as much as a what.

We have been noticing increased grasshopper activity on the ground in the front of the house recently, but I never expected to see one scampering across our doorbell camera.

But that wasn't the end of it.

A little more than three hours later he was back. At least I think it was him (or could it be her?). Truth be told, all grasshoppers look the same to me.

I'm just glad they haven't figured out how to ring the doorbell.


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