I've known my friend Lorie for many years.  Every time your see her she has a smile on her face and is usually laughing.  She has a super personality and not afraid of anything. So, when I heard this story, I thought...yep, that's Lorie.

Lorie Helgeson recently turned 45.  To celebrate her birthday, Lorie and her boyfriend, Steve Ellis, made a trip to Arizona where they would be treated to one of the best experiences a NASCAR fan could ask for thanks to her sister, Lisa, her mother and other family members.

For the Sunday race (March 2) at Phoenix International Raceway, Lorie's mom had access to a suite.  They were also able to be on pit road during inspections.  Lorie wanted a picture next to Jeff Gordon's car, but after inspections, they started to move the cars and she was going to miss her chance.  So, in true 'Lorie fashion' (remember, she's not shy), she followed the car and the crew and even walked right past officials.  No one was saying anything to her.  She turned around and noticed her family was following her, so she kept walking.  They parked Jeff's car and as she was standing beside the car getting ready to have her picture taken, her boyfriend of nearly a year bent down on one knee and popped the question.  She was completely surprised and shocked!  It turns out, Jeff's crew, coach and even Channel 3 in Phoenix knew about it.

Congratulations to Lorie and Steve!  After a proposal like that, he's a keeper!

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