Among the 150 largest cities in America, Sioux Falls is in the low stress class. To great degree, hard work across many life levels leads to a relaxing existence.

Survey organization WalletHub studied 30 different elements that either increase or decrease tension and analyst Jill Gonzalez tells KSOO News that Sioux Falls scores well in some major categories.

“There’s a really high average of hours of sleep per night, clocking in around eight hours. There’s a very high percentage of adults in Sioux Falls that are in good or better health. Sioux Falls also has a low separation and divorce rate so that family stress is low. The city also has one of the lowest poverty rates.”

Gonzalez feels this type of survey will be of benefit for those who might make a move for employment or otherwise.

“If you’ve got a job in, name your city, then that’s where you’re going. It’s helpful to know job security is there, how many hours of sleep people are getting per night. We’re not saying people should jump ship. We’re saying this is a realistic place to visualize what stress might be like.”

Sioux Falls is ranked number five on the survey with Fremont, California ranked first, Plano, Texas second, Overland Park, Kansas third and Scottsdale, Arizona fourth.

Newark, New Jersey was scored as the most stressed city in the U.S. A full report is available at Wallethub's website or click here.

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