Does anyone else go to the dentist twice a year? For me, I really don't have any issues getting my teeth worked on. I've been told by my hygenist that I have very good teeth which has to do with a lot of fluoride in the water where I grew up. And the best part, I've never had a cavity.

Those of you who hail from Minnesota should be proud, your dental practices are some of the best in the country coming in at number four. Wisconsin, Illinois, and the District of Columbia are ahead of you, according to a published report from WalletHub.

North Dakota residents also made the top 20 at number six, Iowa at number 12, and South Dakota at 15.

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Why is Minnesota so high on the list? Their dental habits and care of their come first before attending Minnesota Wild games most likely! Unlike Mississippi which is the worst state in the country and 49th when it comes to oral care.

Minnesota residents also have one of the highest percentages who visit the dentist and who have their own natural teeth.

Mom always said, "Brush before going to the Vikings game. Floss after watching the Minnesota Twins at Target Field. And, always wear a mouth guard before heading to the pond with your skates."

Show us your pearly whites, Skol!


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