"Icy Arctic Blast Nails South Dakota"
"Sub-Zero Cold Front Moves In - and Won't Leave Till Spring"
"Kid Gets Tongue Stuck to Pole at School on a Dare!"

Don't panic. If the Weather Channel's new long-range winter forecast is correct, we won't be seeing alarming headlines like those above anytime soon for the upper-midwest.

It appears we have another El Nino winter on the way. Simply stated, above normal temperatures can be expected from November through January. This is probably not the worst news as we've been shivering through much of October already.

This new model, along with prediction map, was released by the Weather Channel this week. And for our beloved snowbirds (we're talking to you, grandpa and grandma...) who love to migrate south for the winter: the southern states will be much colder than normal. Great. There goes trying to get immediate seating at the Cracker Barrel this winter.

Remember last month when the Farmer's Almanac predicted "teeth-chatterin'-cold with plenty of snow" for the 2018-2019 winter but the Old farmer's Almanac predicted "warm and wet" conditions?

Time will only tell to see who was right.

All I know is that one can never fully trust a forecast...unless it's Cable or Shreck. Then it's gospel. But I'm still stocking up on long underwear and Cousin Eddie hats. Just in case.

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