Sometimes what goes up doesn't always come down, at least the way it's supposed to.

The most recent example of that came in Dallas over the weekend (February 16) when what was supposed to be a routine implosion of a vacant 11 story office tower instead became an instant viral video moment when the building's elevator shaft buckled but didn't fall like it was supposed to.

Demolition crews were left with a column sitting at a 15-degree angle, which was immediately dubbed the 'Leaning Tower of Dallas'.

They're still trying to figure out how to proceed from here.

We know all about failed implosions here in Sioux Falls.

We just recently passed the 14th anniversary of the Zip Feed Mill tower incident, which happened on the afternoon of December 3, 2005.

On that chilly day, the 202-foot tower, which was the city's tallest structure at that point, was supposed to come down in a series of controlled explosions to make way for what is now Cherapa Place, along the Big Sioux River between Sixth and Eighth Streets.

Instead, the tower fell into its own basement, leaning to one side, but still standing.

The tower's final demise came, very anti-climactically, over the course of the next two weeks thanks to a crane and wrecking ball.

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