The 1980s gave us two monumental battles - the 'Cola Wars' with Coke and Pepsi going toe-to-toe and then the 'Burger Wars' with Burger King, Wendy's, and McDonald's squaring off.

Fast forward thirty-plus years and now we've got a tussle on our hands that I'm pretty sure no one saw coming - the battle for National Mustard Day supremacy.

Just days after the folks at French’s unveiled their plans to release Mustard Ice Cream in time to honor our favorite yellow condiment on its big day (August 3), Oscar Mayer has answered the challenge as only they can do it.

The company that brought us the famous Wienermobile is now giving us the previously unthinkable pairing of ice cream and hot dogs.

I give you the Ice Dog Sandwich!

This one-of-kind creation (for good reason) combines candied hot dogs, hot dog sweet cream, and spicy dijon gelato all sandwiched between two cookie buns.

Is your mouth watering yet?

I can't wait to see what our friends at Grey Poupon are working on!

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