With Thanksgiving just one week away (November 24), a lot of us are starting to compile that grocery list to make sure we have all of the elements on hand for the perfect holiday meal.

But when you plan out what's going to be on your Turkey Day table, have you ever stopped and wondered whether your menu choices are uniquely yours or are those same side dishes you love popular with scores of others as well?

Recently, Online-Casinos.com published a list of the most popular Thanksgiving casseroles in each of the 50 states, based on data from Google Trends.

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Thanksgiving Casseroles

What they found is that green beans and corn dishes rule the day.

18 different states, including Minnesota, are partial to green bean casserole, loaded green beans, or gluten-free green beans.

That's two states more than corn-based dishes (16 states).

Iowa (corn casserole) and South Dakota (creamy corn casserole) both fall into that group, which also includes baked corn and gluten-free corn.

The next most popular casseroles were potato-based and favored (in 11 states) mainly in the South, with dishes like sweet potato, mashed potato, and cheesy potato casseroles.

Casseroles in the squash family were the top pick in five states.

Out of all 50 states, there was just one unique choice.

That would be broccoli casserole, which is the most popular pick in Kentucky.

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