Reuters News Service recently ran a story about how more and more of us are hiding money from our spouse. Experts even have a term for it, they call it "financial infidelity."

According to the article, "financial infidelity" covers basically anything involving money spent in which one of the partners doesn't know about.

According to the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), two-in-five adults admits to having a secret stash of money hidden away. Virtually the same number (40%) thinks their spouse is doing the same to them.

The part of the study that concerns me is the fact that the number of people hoarding away money has been growing steadily since the first survey was taken 10 years ago.

Why? Is it the fear of divorce? Is it having that sense of freedom that you don't think you can have otherwise? I would be interested to know what the reasons are.

Sorry, I just don't "get it." I would hope it's not a fear of someday divorcing because that is NO WAY to start a marriage - assuming the worst right off the bat.

Having been married more than 30 years, it's hard for me to "wrap my head around" why you would want to hide money from your spouse. You're married - you're now one.

Does my wife ever spend money without first consulting with me? Of course she does. I have no problem with that (given it's not going to bankrupt us). I do the same.

We have some friends who still have separate bank accounts - she has hers and he has his; she pays some of the bills and he pays the rest. I've asked them, "Why," only to be told, "That's just the way they started out marriage."

If it works for them, so be it. How they live their lives is none of my business, but call me old-fashioned - I still don't get it. II really don't see why married couples need to have separate banks accounts or feel the need to "hide money" from one another.

Single, but living together - yes. Then I can understand why you would want to keep things separate. Married - nope, can't see it. If you think I'm wrong, I would love to hear why. My email address is

Source: Reuters

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