Sioux Falls is about to become home to another corporate headquarters. The Max Muscle retail chain has decided to relocate from California to here. Max Muscle is a chain of supplement and nutrition stores that currently operates 120 franchise locations all across the country.

Terry Wieting, a top executive for the chain (and a Huron native), announced the corporate offices will move to Sioux Falls and the warehouses to Woonsocket.

Wieting recently became strategic managing partner at Max Muscle and one of the first things he did was instruct his development team to research whether relocating to South Dakota would benefit the company. Given the fact Max Muscle's protein powders contain whey, a main byproduct of cheese-making, he wanted to relocate to an area close to grain and dairy farms.

Wieting is hoping that by moving to South Dakota, not only will more jobs be created, but he'll be able to work closely with area schools to educate students about healthy eating.

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