If you have ham or pepperoni in your refrigerator you'll want to check them out before using them.

Alexander & Hornung, a division of Perdue Premium Meat is recalling more than 234,391 pounds of pork products over concerns about a possible bacteria contamination.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service, some of the company's fully cooked ham and pepperoni products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes (listeria), a bacteria that can cause people to develop a serious infection known as listeriosis.

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16 different ham products are impacted by the recall. They were packaged under the names:

  • Wellshire
  • Alexander & Hornung
  • Food Club
  • Garrett Valley Farms
  • Butcher Boy
  • Niman Ranch
  • Open Nature
  • Big Y

A 17th item, pepperoni sold under the Five Star name, is also included in the recall.

All of the impacted products—which were shipped to stores across the country—have the establishment number "EST. M10125" inside the USDA mark of inspection. You can view a full list of the 17 recalled products on the USDA's website.

Throw out any of these products or contact the place of purchase for a refund.

Consumers with questions should call 1-866-866-3703. Customer service representatives will be available Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST.

Common listeria symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Stiff neck
  • Confusion
  • Loss of balance
  • Convulsions

To date, there have been no illnesses have been reported as of yet.

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