The long-standing walleye record in South Dakota was a beauty of a fish hauled in by Georgine Chytka at Fort Randall in 2002. It's said that the mount of Georgine's walleye was in the back of a grocery store in Armour, SD until it was relocated to Knotheads Bar & Grill, Pickstown, SD. That record at just over 16 lbs. held on for 21 years.

But, as fishermen know, every time a line is thrown in the water it has the potential to turn into an extraordinary story. Aaron Schuck of Bismarck, ND knows this all too well as he battled a 16 lb. 8 0z. trophy walleye on Lake Oahe, near Akaska on October 27, 2023. According to BetweenHooksets. he caught the 33" monstrosity on a Walleye Nation's Creation Reaper.

The talk among fishermen attending the Ice Institute at the Sioux Falls Arena and Convention Center over the weekend was that South Dakota has become known as an incredible state for walleye, while some say the new state record for walleye is coming soon. We all know fishermen like to talk big and catch big so time will tell.

One thing is certain, the open water walleye season is longer this year with fair weather so its a good idea to get out either by shore or by boat to take your shot at the new state record!

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