It would seem unlikely that a state record for walleye stood for 21 years was broken for the second time in just 3 weeks.

In a story we published just last week, Aaron Schuck of Bismarck, ND, battled a 16 lb. 8 0z. trophy walleye on Lake Oahe, near Akaska on October 27. It measured 33" long and after certified weighing, Aaron's fish was officially announced the new state record.

Schuck has his name in the record books, but it did not last long.

A walleye just a bit bigger has broken the record. Keith Pazour of Pierre, South Dakota fished Lake Oahe on a bright Saturday morning and almost immediately hit on something big.

"I barely got my rods in the water set up and it hit. It was a big fish, I couldn’t tell right away if it was a Northern, a catfish, or a walleye. It took about 10 minutes to get her in, and once I got her in the net and sitting on the floor, I was like ‘Ho-ly crap." ~ Keith Pazour interview by Outdoor Life.

The walleye officially weighed in at 17 pounds 13.92 ounces and 33" long. The fish was just as long as the record set only a few weeks ago but beat it by nearly a full pound.

How many more record-breaking walleye are under the water? We're being blessed with great fall weather in South Dakota so give it a try!

Congratulations, Keith!

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