That Madge was a trickster, she was. She was a world famous manicurist with plenty of client's. They always left her shop with beautiful hands, fingers, fingernails. She was a real pro. What was her secret?

Palmolive dish washing liquid!

There have been a lot of television commercials that rocketed an actor or actress to fame (at least temporarily). Remember the loneliest man in the world, the guy who repaired Maytag washer's?  How about Clara Peller who constantly asked the burger place, 'Where's the beef'?  And of course, perhaps the most famous of all, that darn Mr. Whipple admonishing customer's to 'Please don't squeeze the Charmin'.

Then there was that manicurist scamp, Madge. Why, the whole time the client was complaining about that harsh dish washing liquid that was ruining her hands, Madge had her  fingers soaking in it! Huh??

Well you see, Madge was telling us that Palmolive dish washing liquid was soooo gentle that it was actually good for your hands. Was it true? Well, Madge said it was so, yes. Yes it was.

Now, there's bound to be people of a certain age that are asking 'Uh, why didn't she just use the dishwasher'? Well, back in the day there wasn't..oh, never mind, we'll save that for another day.

Madge was portrayed by actress Jan Miner for some 27 years, from the 1960's into the early 1990's. She passed away in 2004 at the age of 86. But bless her heart, she will forever be, to me, Madge making the startling statement 'You're soaking in it!'

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